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This Gallery is a fan page for Julius Zimmerman by Oz

This gallery was last updated April 10 2003 and now contains 1341 images.

I have several hundred images to post but it will be late april after Fantasm is over before i can get to them.

I'm a web developer and for kicks I decided to put up some art by Julius to test some gallery scripts I made. I put the gallery up on July 7 2002 and posted it on my LiveJournal and in just a few weeks I started getting emails and found it linked to other erotic art sites so I decided to leave it up. Another site to check for artwork is Eek-sr.be.tf (In addition to Julius' work you will find hundreds of erotic artists and examples of their work). There is also a yahoo group, Zimmerman-Gallery, but it seems to have gone away.

Julius' work is erotic but there is also a lot of humor in it. These two things are seldom blended well in my opinion but Julius Zimmerman pulls it off. It's interesting to be aroused by one image and then laugh at the next and that's why all the images I have are mixed instead of categorized, that and the fact that there are so many that I would have to sort.

Most of the images are from news groups and once in a while friends will send me a few. If you are interested in purchasing art by Julius he auctions original art on Naughtybids.com and on EBAY (look under "Everything Else/Adults Only/Art Nude") under username "eyesinge". He also has a 48 page graphic novel called Blind Squirrel from NBM, but it's out of print so you will have to check auction sites and your comic shops for a copy. You can also order reproductions of all his pics by emailing Mary at mmdezign2000@aol.com

You'll find a lot of your favorite heroines doing things you wont see anywhere else. Because all of his artwork is mature and a lot of it depicts graphic sex I'm putting in this typical disclaimer.

By entering this site you agree that you are at least the minimum legal age for your state or province to view material intended for adults.

I'm of Legal Age to View the Galleries

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